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Trade Industry Status

Commerce is closely related to people’s daily life, and is developing rapidly in recent years,
On one hand, the number of stores offline is growing. With the increase of branch stores, business chain enterprises are growing bigger and bigger in volume. Some of the strong brands can own up to several thousand offline stores.
On the other hand, with the dissemination of Internet technology, the development of big data and O2O has become a general trend, while the customers’ management style is much more refined and precise. How to increase user engagement by target marketing and how to make the purchase process easy are the primary problems that commerce enterprises are facing currently.
Meanwhile, for internal staff communication and training methods are more toward digital, mobilize, safety network architecture and stability of the inevitable requirement of the reliable operational service.

Trade Industry Needs

Easy network deployment
Low network construction costs;

To easily control the operating conditions of various outlets, in order to enhance personalized and customized marketing capabilities

Safe and stable use of information resources at headquarters, as well as convenient internal communication, training and other collaborative work


  • To deploy cloud gateways according to multi-dimensional assessment of corporate network status, which enables digital management among branches and high-availability of network;
  • To install CCN client on employees’ mobile devices to enable voice conferencing and screen sharing. Store supervisors can easily track tasks and carry on internal trainings, etc;
  • Combined with big data analytics of cloudconnect network, to effectively enhance technological competitiveness while ensuring safety at the same time.


  • Route optimization: automatically search for the best route to improve data transmission speed;
  • Dual-line backup: support fix-line, 3G/4G access, to ensure office operations continuity;
  • Data reduction: elimination of data can be up to 80%, to improve efficiency while preventing data exposure;
  • Easy deployment: plug and play,as long as with internet access; small effect on present network environment;
  • Convenient management: cloud gateway can be registered to the central platform to achieve unified management;
  • Encrypted tunnel: high strength SSL encryption tunnel, end to end encryption;
  • Firewall Safety: avoid virus without opening outside-to-in strategy;
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