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Finance Industry Status

With China’s rapid economic growth and the continuous trend of opening market to foreign countries, various financial institutions have gradually “going out”. On the one hand, financial institutions expand overseas services in an increasing rate, establishing more and more branches overseas. On the other hand, they have gradually established branches in domestic cities. Overall they have basically achieved service interconnection and resources sharing. But as the amount of data increases, data access speed is also facing challenges. It is noteworthy that because of the real-time requirement of the financial data, most of which is dynamic data, the traditional CDN method can’t be applied.
Meanwhile, most financial data are confidentiality of data,but the use of industry software, especially in the App, there are a lot of open access on a public way, with low security, inevitably exist many safe troubles.

Finance Industry Needs

The business departments and the headquarters can quickly complete network deployment, achieving the real-time transmission of data;

Employees can work on the move easily. application entrance is unified to audit safely;

Efficient network management, reducing operating and maintenance cost of overall network.


  • Hybrid cloud solution can be used to deploy network between business outlets and headquarters; The deployment is extremely convenient with no effect on the existing network, and can take less than one hour;
  • Mobile cloud solution can be used for mobile office services, staff only need to download and log on the CCN client to access internal application easily;
  • The powerful network management platform can regularly output monitor and performance reports to help take preventive measures, which is intelligent enough to require no configuration on cloud gateway.


  • Route optimization: automatically search for the best route to improve data transmission speed;
  • Data reduction: elimination of data can be up to 80%, to improve efficiency while preventing data exposure;
  • Firewall Safety: avoid virus without opening outside-to-in strategy;
  • Encrypted tunnel: high strength SSL encryption tunnel, end to end encryption;
  • Dense qualification: Pass the dense authentication, double insurance data security;
  • Easy deployment: plug and play,as long as with internet access; small effect on present network environment;
  • Convenient management: cloud gateway can be registered to the central platform to achieve unified management;
  • Multiple-platform application: with client on OS, android, windows, mac platforms, users can work on the move anytime, anywhere.
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