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Medical Industry Status

With the continuous integration of medical institution, large hospitals have merged many small ones and community hospitals. Meanwhile, the medical examination chain groups which continue to rise in recent years also have several branches. More and more medical enterprises need internal network connections. Moreover, as the business develops faster and faster, enterprises also have higher demands on flexibility and timeliness of network deployment.
Meanwhile, many pharmaceutical companies in China, lots of outdoor staff, employees may need to access data outside the company, so the demand of mobile working is very heavy,
in which abroad pharmaceutical companies need to access SaaS rapidly and stable that was deployed in a foreign country.

Medical Industry Needs

Stable and secure data transmission between brach offices and headquarters

Accelerated access to SaaS application

Easy to work on the move when outside the company


  • Hybrid cloud solution can be used to deploy network between business branches and headquarters. The staff in branches can access internal application and transit data like staff in headquarters. The short time of deployment and high security, can adapt to the rapid changing of enterprise structure well;
  • Mobile cloud solution can be used for mobile office services, staff only need to log on the CCN client to access internal application easily. Meanwhile, mobile cloud have unified background, which is easy to manage. Administrator can manage the authority of each employee through simple operations on the unified background.


  • Route optimization: automatically search for the best route to improve data transmission speed;
  • Data reduction: elimination of data can be up to 80%, to improve efficiency while preventing data exposure;
  • Firewall Safety: avoid virus without opening outside-to-in strategy;
  • Encrypted tunnel: high strength SSL encryption tunnel, end to end encryption;
  • Easy deployment: plug and play,as long as with internet access; small effect on present network environment;
  • Convenient management: cloud gateway can be registered to the central platform to achieve unified management;
  • Multiple-platform application: with client on OS, android, windows, mac platforms, users can work on the move anytime, anywhere.
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