Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is mainly for diverse business networking requirements. It connects all branches to constitute private network belonging to the enterprise itself. The hybrid cloud help build “exclusive high-speed information highway network” to achieve the efficient two-way interaction between branches and the center. ”Zero” configuration, “zero” network management pressure. The enterprise IT manager will really have intelligent network management services in enterprise integration process.

Secure and Stable network connection
SDN architecture, CDN optimization results of dynamic data;

More secure cloud-based architecture without the use of public IP addresses;
End-to-end encryption, high strength SSL commercial cipher or GMB cipher encryption passage;
Keep the firewall without opening outside-in strategy;
Data reduplication, high performance transmission, effectively prevent data exposure.

Networking quality

Optimal routing, select the best transmission path across region or inter-operator to avoid data congestion;
Compress data to reduce content and increase transmission speed. when it comes to daily files such as pictures, word, excel, ppt, pdf,etc the reducing rate can be up to 99%;
Optimization algorithm of cloud center network can reduce the amount of data transmitted from cloud to users, and improve bandwidth utilization of cloud service provider.

Simple deployment

Plug and play without changing the network structure, extremely easy to deploy;
Short deployment cycle, single-point devices deployment can take as short as 30 minutes;
Unlimited network access resources, as long as the internet covers;
Cable network and 4G channel standby for each other, supporting automatic switch to ensure network availability.


Unlike special line, which has high cost and complicated application and deployment process, hybrid cloud costs less, and is easier to deploy;
Unlike traditional IPVPN, which has poor, uncontrollable network quality and difficult management, hybrid cloud is more stable and secure.

Easy management

The NMS can manage all network elements, including information management, state management, performance management and configuration management.
Collecting data to issue warnings before problems occurs to avoid network failure, and helping locate and solve problems when they occur.

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