Mobile Cloud

With the popularity of mobile internet technology, many enterprises are likely to develop many independent Apps to adapt to the environment of the mobile internet, which also brought a large number of issues relating to distributed development, such as: inconvenient management, difficult integration between systems, unable to use outside the company, and difficult to promote because of the nested reference relationship.
How to resolve the mobility challenges many companies facing?
After constructing cloudconnect “highway”, you only need to install mobile cloud client on the smart terminal device and turn on the switch, then you can connect mobile device and cloud gateway in seconds regardless of location and network configuration. You will experience safe and convenient mobile working.
Using Mobile Cloud, annoyance aside!

With a single click, you can use network and transmit data easily.

After installing mobile cloud clients on the terminal device, because we have integrated and configured already, users only need to turn on the switch, there will be a safe and fast tunnel between mobile device and cloud or internal information in few seconds to start your efficient “business trip”.
Mobile collaborative unified portal solution can not only satisfy the requirements including internal IM, secure access to internal network and secure management of mobile device, but also provides other value-added services such as network monitoring and data optimization.

Full coverage terminal

Users can access internal apps anywhere, anytime via terminal device with different operating systems such as ios, android, windows, mac os, without changing the internal network .

safe and fast access tunnel

On the one hand, mobile cloud ensures users to access internal application systems fast via various mobile device.
On the other hand, all data tunnels are protected by high strength SSL encryption to ensure business data security. What’s better, The GMB algorithm can meet the secure mobile connection requirement of government and state-enterprises.

Simple deployment

mobile cloud is so easy to deploy that there is no need for additional specialized IT staff or complex training. Mobile cloud help enterprises port internal application systems to various mobile device with security and high speed.

Built-in communication tools

The communication tools allow users to establish project binder anytime. Inside the binder, members not only can talk to each other, they can share documents, assign tasks, take online meeting and so on.
All information is strictly encrypted, thus greatly improving the security of business information.

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