CloudConnect customers cooperation

CloudConnect provides not only the third competitive concept and technical mean of enterprise network except for enterprise special line connection and IP VPN ,but the new business model with high reliability ,security and cost-performance,and a perfect scheme for industry and a reliable profit pattern.Each cooperative service provider is the builder,participant,success sharer and profit distributor of CloudConnect.

Ideal cooperation

What will you get when becoming a service provider of CloudConnect?

Scheme to guarantee channel interests

Strict project management to protect interest

Open platform to share resources

Share opportunities and cooperate together.

Market awareness input

Brand promotion and product technical activities

Project support and propel

Assist in communication and coordinate technical resources

Ability training and technical support

Training,examination and certification to help improve the capacity of channels

Channel care and specialist services

Marketing support and mining business sources

Channel system, three-dimensional cooperation

  • Industry sources

    General and authorized agent

    CloudConnect PaaS platform is a basic business platform

    Based on its original function,we can cooperate with industry software developers or SaaS service providers to offer seamless and perfect application experience.
    At present,industries of our main users has covered : commerce chain,financial industry,medical treatment,government agencies,consulting education and others,
    Merchant who owns the resources of industry product and customer can apply to join the business ecosystem of CloudConnect.
    In the way of product cooperation,customer sharing,joint development,product customization and etc, CloudConnect business ecosystem can develop industry demand together.

  • Regional channel

    General and authorized agent

    CloudConnect PaaS platform is a common business platform

    the patterns of segmenting services derived from its function of connection are as follows: hybrid cloud ,moblie cloud, mini cloud, intelligent cloud, wind control cloud and so on,with a strong regional universality.
    At present,we are in the process of collecting channel partners both provincially and overseas.we Welcome the IT system integrators and telecommunication business agents who own rich local customers resources and service capabilities to join our business ecosystem.
    Regional partners will gain various channel support from CloudConnect’s platform to help each other develop localization of business .As the performance growing constantly,we can realize a win-win situation.

  • Product authorized channels

    hybrid cloud, mobile cloud

    CloudConnect PaaS platform is open for business

    Integrated APPS can have access to CloudConnect application and SDK can be open for the third-party application developers to integrate and invoke.Both are based on its universal function for connecting.
    At the moment,close cooperation,separate authorization and building industry ecological chain can be realized in multiple areas,such as network connection,net monitoring,instant communication,industry CRM,enterprise business,charge top-up and other segments.
    Products which have authorized to partners can be selected and used directly by many high-end corporate users in CloudConnect APPS.

They have worked with us for many years

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