What is it?

CloudConnect is an innovative PaaS platform that hosts cloud applications with unparalleled cloud “connect” capability!

AOLC constructs PaaS platform — cloudconnect, which is based on the core architecture of SDN and supported by CloudGateway. On the basis of cloudconnect structure, there are two kinds of service patterns — hybrid cloud, mobile cloud. These patterns can be combined with each other, to provide agile, efficient and flexible PaaS cloud service solution.


Hybrid Cloud

Do you need more flexible IT infrastructure to cope with the continuous expansion of business and plenty of precipitation data? Do you need high security and cost-effective networking solution between branches and headquarters urgently?

Hybrid cloud will provide efficient and safe networking service with “zero” management pressure through CloudConnect platform.

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Mobile Cloud

Do you still suffer from the access barriers and inconvenience brought by mobile working?
Do you want to access data in intranet with smart terminal devices anytime, anywhere?
Mobile Cloud Service can provide high performance multi-platform unified access service, maintaining the high security at the same time through cloudconnect platform.

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