Frequently Asked Questions

  • Operating System supported

    The client supports Windonw7,Windows8/8.1,Windows10,Android( Version 4.0 and above),Mac(version 10.11 and above),and iOS version 9 and above.
    ※ Does on the premise of the use of legitimate software.

  • Downloading the client

    Open a browser and enter https://m.uuspeed.com:8443 to go to CCN downloading page. Click the “CloudConnect” button to start downloading.

  • Client installation

    Installation of the client for the first time requires the local administrator privileges.
    Running the cilent each time requires the local Power users’ or local administrator ’s privileges.

  • Antivirus software

    Downloading and installing the client for the first time on Windows will load several files under the installation directory.Please allow the progarm running if antivirus software warns.

  • CCN connection fails.

    First of all,please check whether network is in normal condition.
    Then please check your configuration whether server address,security domain and user’s name and password are correct on the setting page.
    Click on the links after confirming.

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